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How To Shop Like a Bargain Queen

Because of my business being so new and because of the part of the country I am in, I often get clients with limited budgets. I always reassure them that I can meet a tight budget by telling them I am the Queen of Bargain Shopping. And it’s no joke. I am always on the hunt for a good deal and I know where to shop to find great pieces that won’t break the bank.

That being said, I am always a proponent for quality over quantity. However, I know there are times when you just need to fill a space and quality isn’t necessarily a concern. A good example of this would be when accessorizing a home. There’s no reason you should spend $500 on a vase when you can find one just as beautiful for $50. Then when you get bored of your current look, you can drop off those budget accessories at your local Goodwill and start fresh!

Want to know where I shop when working on a very tight budget? My top 4 go-tos are Wayfair, Overstock, Marshalls and TJMaxx. Wayfair and Overstock have great prices on inexpensive furniture with fast, free shipping! When it comes to budget accessories, you can’t beat Marshalls and TJMaxx because they carry pieces that are very much on-trend, unlike what you’d find at places like Hobby Lobby, Gordman’s or Kirkland’s.

Here is a sneak peek of a staging job I did recently for a model apartment. The headboard and bench are from Wayfair, the nightstands are from Overstock and the accessories (lamps, mirrors, bedding, throw pillows, jewelry box, crystal perfume bottle, picture frame and coffee mug) are from Marshalls.

Home Staging on a Budget

Here are some great finds on Wayfair. Keep in mind they also carry very high-end, high-quality pieces.

Inexpensive Chrome BookshelfZebra Print ChairAffordable Upholstered BedBest Kitchen Island Carts

Overstock (as well as Wayfair) is a great place to shop for furnishings such as bedding and decorative mirrors.

Contemporary Red BeddingAffordable Area RugInexpensive Crystal ChandelierContemporary Sunburst Mirror

Favorite Design Styles: Romantic

As a designer there are many design styles that I appreciate or even love, but could not see myself creating in my own home. Romantic style is one of those. I love this look and pour over the pages of Romantic Homes Magazine whenever I am at Barnes & Noble, but I just don’t see myself living in one of these spaces. They’re beautiful but just too feminine and oftentimes too traditional for me. What are your thoughts on this style? Would you or have you created a space like these in your home?


Romantic BedroomRomantic BedroomRomantic Bedroom


Romantic BathroomRomantic BathroomRomantic Bathroom

Living Rooms:

Romantic Living RoomRomantic Living RoomRomantic Living Room

Dining Rooms

Romantic Dining RoomRomantic Dining RoomRomantic Dining Room

Outdoor Spaces

Romantic Outdoor SpaceRomantic Outdoor SpaceRomantic Outdoor Space

Happy Daylight Savings!

Happy Daylight Savings everyone! It’s a bit ridiculous how excited I get for this time of year. Most people grumble about getting an hour less sleep, but all I think about is the LONGER EVENINGS! I did my little happy dance yesterday around 6:00pm when it was still bright out. I explained to David that Daylight Savings is like the one gift you get to open on Christmas Eve before Christmas comes. It’s our little pre-Spring gift that says great things are on the way.

This year even greater things are on their way because we are under contract on a cute new house! We close on March 24th. Finally, our own walls to paint, rooms to renovate and yard to customize! Here’s a sneaky peeky of what my mother-in-law calls our little doll house (I love how that sounds) and its beautiful yard. For those of you who saw the post about my sunroom design, yes this is the house with the sunroom! Eeee, so excited!

Cute Little House

We don’t have any specific plans for the yard yet, but we do know we want a veggie garden. As per usual, I am drawing inspiration from Pinterest. Specifically from my Gardens & Landscapes board. Most of these ideas are over-the-top, obviously expensive and would require the expertise of a professional landscape designer, but isn’t that the purpose of an inspiration photo? ;o) Here are some of my favorite ideas and photos. Even if you don’t have a landscaping project in mind, surely these photos will get you excited about spring!

Beautiful LandscapeBeautiful LandscapeBeautiful LandscapeBeautiful LandscapeBeautiful LandscapeBeautiful LandscapeBeautiful LandscapeBeautiful LandscapeBeautiful Landscape


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