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Beautiful Black Millwork

For those of you (probably most non-designers) who are not familiar with the term millwork, it basically refers to any wood within a home – trim, built-ins, paneling, etc. In my opinion, millwork is one of the most crucial pieces of ‘wow factor’ within a home and the lack thereof leaves a space feeling a bit blah. Unfortunately it’s common practice in new construction (at least in this region) to omit many elements of millwork including trim around windows and crown molding. Com’on builders, this makes SUCH a huge difference! If you really want to make a statement in your home, black millwork packs a punch! Just look at these beautiful examples:

Megan McGraw

Written by Megan McGraw

Megan is the owner at Megan McGraw Interior Design. She loves fabric showrooms, helping others create a welcoming home and ending the day with a nice glass of wine!

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  • Elephant

    Thanks for putting that set of pictures together. They really show what a difference the trim makes.