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My Pinterest, My Happy Place

If you’ve clicked on any of my blog photos to go to their source page, then it’s no surprise that I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. I consider it to be my ‘happy place’ where I go to get inspiration or just to take a breather from working on something stressful. Quite a few of my posts here have been inspired from something I saw on Pinterest. In my opinion, it’s the best thing to happen to the internet since…the internet! ;o)

Since my boards make me so happy and give me so much inspiration, I wanted to share some photos from some of my favorite boards with you. To see more, check out all of my boards here.

Glamorous Design:

Gardens & Landscapes:

Beautiful Design:



Beautiful Homes:

When I Win the Lottery

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve heard all the hype about this week’s record-setting $600+ million Mega Millions lottery drawing that is taking place tonight. Now I feel like I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you not to waste your money on a ticket because I am going to win it! ;o) Actually Hubby and I have never played a true lottery before, (just those little scratchers) but we decided this time that we’d buy in on the fun too. Could you imagine what you’d do with that much money?! First on our agenda (along with spoiling our friends & family) would be to buy a beautiful house. It’s a crime as a designer to be living in a tiny duplex but that’s how it goes when you’re self-employed and just starting out. So, if when I win the lottery, here’s a peek at what I might want my house to look like:

Entry & Stairs:

Living Rooms:


Dining Rooms:

My Dream Office & Closet:



My Beautiful Backyard:

Wow, this post took me longer than any other post I’ve ever done…by FAR! It’s true what they say, a designer can design for everyone else but them self. It’s so hard to choose what I would want! My husband is so lucky though, he married someone with great taste! ;oP

The Impact of Black

When it comes to interior design, the color that people tend to be most fearful of is black. I’m here to tell you that it is OKAY to use black in your home! Repeat after me, “Black is sophisticated, not scary.” As with everything in life, anything in moderation is good and anything in excess is bad. That is absolutely true for using black in your home. It’s a powerful color and a little goes a long way but in some cases, a generous amount can make a dramatic statement. Just don’t go overboard – if you have black furniture, black walls, black flooring and black accessories you are going to have a sad, heavy room!

Here are some photos that show the sophisticated impact that adding a few touches of black can have on a space:

These photos show the dramatic impact that black can have when used without reservation:

Welcome to the Dark Side! ;o)